Helicopter fleet

12 units

The world's largest heavy multi-purpose transport helicopter.

2 units

Airbus Helicopters H125 (AS350B3)
Light French multipurpose helicopter.

7 units

The light multipurpose Ansat helicopter is built according to the classic single-rotor design with a tail rotor.

5 units

Mi-8AMT is designed to solve a wide range of tasks: transportation of passengers and cargo, transportation of bulky cargo on an external sling, search and rescue operations, Medevac.

2 units

The Mi-8 MTV-1 is fundamentally different from the Mi-8T helicopter in a more powerful engine unit, modified avionics and a number of changes in the fuselage design. The power unit of the Mi-8MTV helicopter consists of two TV3-117VM gas turbine engines and a VR-14 main gearbox. The power of each engine is 2200 hp.
The maximum weight of cargo transported on an external sling depends on the flight range, the height of the landing sites above sea level, air temperature and other factors, and is up to 4 tons.

9 units

The Mi-8T medium multipurpose helicopter is a medium class helicopter.